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Can Underactive Thyroid Cause Eye Problems?

What is underactive thyroid? Can they cause eye problems? How to cure it?
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  • Angela tuener

    If the thyroid gland located in the neck does not produce enough hormones, we call this an underactive thyroid. Underactive thyroid can cause eye problems too. The patients who have underactive thyroid many suffer tiredness, weight gain and feeling depressed. And the changes of the hormone will bring eye problems. But if you treat thyroid, the symptoms will disappear slowly on its own.
  • griffin

    Underactive thyroid can cause eye problems. But an underactive thyroid is not usually serious. You can take hormone tablets to replace the hormones to treat your thyroid. But I also heard that an underactive thyroid cannot be prevented. Most underactive thyroid is caused by attacks of your immune system to thyroid or a damaged thyroid.

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