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Alexia gerard


How to remove soft contact lens when it's stuck?

I wear soft contact lenses now and then. Because they make me look good. However, the soft contact stuck in my eyes. I feel really uncomfortable. I tried to get it out of my eyes. But it doesn't work. Why? How can i remove it? Please help.
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  • emily_xoox


    If your eyes are very dry, there is little amount of water to lubricate your eyeballs, you may have your contacts stuck in your eyes. You can apply some artificial tears to moisten your eyeballs and the contacts. You can also drink plenty of water and then rest for a moment. If you can't get your contacts out, you can apply some artificial tears again. Then move your eyeballs to lubricate contacts. If your eyes have enough water, the contacts will be removed easily.
  • Faith fergus


    Before you remove your contacts, you'd better wash your hands with soaps for our eyes are very tender, they are easy to get an infection if there are some bacterial on our hands. And you must apply some artificial tears to moisten your eyeballs and the contacts for several times. You can move your eyeballs from left side to the right side or from up to down. If you can feel the contacts will not hurt your eyes any more, you can try to remove them from your eyes.
  • Rebecca


    Rinse the stuck contact and your eye for a few seconds with a steady stream of sterile saline, multipurpose contact lens solution or contact lens drops. Then close your eye and gently massage your upper lid until you feel the lens move. Note: Do Not use tap water.
    Blink frequently after each rinse which will help the lens move. It may take several rinses and up to 15 minutes for the lens to become re-hydrated in order to move the lens out.
    Once the lens moves freely, remove it as you normally would and store properly unless it%u2019s disposable lens.
    Lubricate your eye with sterile saline or artificial tears if your eye feels irritated. If your eye remains irritated or you develop red eyes, see your eye doctor immediately or call our office at (615) 340-4733.
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