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How much do progressive lenses cost at walmart?

I want to buy a pair of progressive lenses at walmart but I don't know how much it will cost. Can you tell me the price of a pair of progressive lenses at walmart?
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  • patsy nunley

    how much does progress leneses cost
  • Johnny W.

    As to single vision lenses, I heard that the lenses at walmart start at $70, poly lenses start at $110 to $140, and the high index lens start at $160. But if you want your lenses to be coated it will cost you extra money (usually it will be more than $40). And the frames at walmart start at $18 to $136. So the price may depend on which kind of lenses and frames you will choose. But as to progressive lenses, they are more expensive than the single vision lenses. I think you'd better take a look at walmart first.
  • ccrazybeautyful

    Dear friend, I haven't bought a pair of progressive lenses at Walmart, but I just bought a pair of progressive lenses at Costco last month. It only cost me $150 to get a pair of progressive lenses. I think it is really cheap. I just took my old frames to Costco for lenses. maybe this is the reason why I saved my money.
  • evil_lanruoj

    Dear friend, walmart only carries basic progressive lenses. If you need a pair of high end progressive lenses, you may need to turn to opticians. Once my friend bought a pair of progressive lenses at walmart, it cost him $400. I think it is quite a lot of money. But he told me that it could be used for a few years and he was quite satisfied with that pair of glasses.
  • Victor Lee

    The lenses at Walmart start at $70. And if you want higher index lenses, bifocal lenses, progressive lenses or free form progressive lens, you have to pay more. Coating will also cost some money. I suggest you to buy glasses from Firmoo, cause the prices are much cheaper than many optical stores.
  • Anthony gary

    Dear friend, before buying a pair of progressive glasses, I think you may need to have an eye exam first. Usually internet sellers will not provide you with an eye exam. But you can have an eye exam at Walmart Vision Center or Costco Optical and you can save money because the rates can be as much as 50% lower with a health insurance. The price of the progressive lenses may vary from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars which my totally depend on what kind of glasses you may choose.
  • covenmasters

    I bought a pair of progressive glasses at walmart a few days ago. It cost me near $500. I am attracted by the style of the frame and then I want to buy a pair of good lenses too. And I also have my lenses coated in the end. So it cost me about $500. Maybe it sounds a little expensive. But I am quite satisfied with this pair of progressive glasses. It is really beautiful.
  • Kaylee tuener

    My friend bought a pair of progressive glasses at walmart last month. He spent $480.00 dollars at Walmart. it is said that it is a kind of Digimax progressive lenses. I don't know many things about progressive lenses. But I think it is a lot of money. Maybe he can buy a pair of progressive glasses with less money in other places. Besides, he also used his health insurance to get a discount. Maybe insurance pays for more than $100 for his glasses.
  • David Moreno

    If you are taking a vacation to mexico. I bought progressive lens for 80 USD, this was in the year 2011. If I had them done in Mexico city it would have been 15 USD less. I had my American prescription with me so I did not need and eye exam. At the time it was package deal of 40 USD for eye exan and single glasses.
  • David Moreno

    The cost of frames in Mexico was about the same or higher then in the USA. So, bring your frame with you.

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