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Can you wear contact lenses without taking the contact lenses exam?

I am a current contacts user. But I want to buy a pair of contacts recently. Can I wear contacts lenses without taking the contacts lenses exam?
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  • Ryan evelyn

    I think you'd better take an exam before buying a pair of contacts. The doctor needs to measure the size of your eyeballs and recommend suitable contacts for you. Besides, there is some difference between prescription glasses and prescription contacts. So a contact exam is especially important for a current glasses user. Hope this helped!
  • Debra Havel

    You need to have a contact exam. I strongly suggest you to make an appointment with your eye doctor immediately. And later you need to bring your current pair of prescription glasses to the doctor. Remember that you can't wear makeup to the visit because your doctor needs to have your eyes checked clearly.
  • ellochkablecy

    I think you may need a contact exam. I know something about the contact exam. The doctor will ask about your lifestyle and decide which kind of lenses fit best with your lifestyle, and then they will check your vision. If you have some vision problems, they may give you a prescription. Then they will put the lenses on and ask you to settle them. If you feel comfortable, they will teach you how to put them in and out.
  • Rebecca

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    No, you can not. you need to get your prescription for contact lenses firstly. If you wear contact lenses without prescription for it, your eyes will be hurt or injured.
  • mae devera

    I would suggest that you go see a doctor first before wearing any contact lenses. Not everyone can wear contacts - that is so far what I learned from my extensive use and regular doctors visits. Some eye shape, water content, etc...are not fit to use one. Depending on your lifestyle, length of use, eye condition, etc....your doctor can tell you whether you can use one, what type and how long you can wear it. All these are very crucial for your eye care. I've had an extensive experience on wearing lenses and had experienced different discomforts, reactions, and also infection on wearing them. Eyes are one part of a persons' body that should really be taken care of with caution.

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