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Why does one of my eyes go inwards when I don't wear my glasses?

I prefer to wear contact lenses other than glasses because I always find one of my eyes is slightly pointing inwards every time I take my glasses off. But I don't have this problem after I put on my glasses. What's wrong with my eyes?
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Answers (6)

  • campbell

    Sweetie, do you mean strabismus? It is a kind of vision problem. You can correct this kind of vision by wearing appropriate glasses. Doctors will give you right prescriptions. Or you can get rid of this vision problem by apply for some eye surgeries.
  • Ana evelyn

    You can have your eyes checked by an eye doctor immediately. If you mean there is something wrong with the appearance of your eyes, you'd better ask your parents or friends to have a look first. They will tell you what they saw. I heard that we may get prominent eyes for wearing glasses for many years. But don't worry, because this will not do great damage to our eyes.
  • Kaylee

    Do you have farsightedness? It can be called longsighted in the UK. Your eyes turn inward noticeably when you look at something close. It is called accommodative esotropia. Glasses and contacts will work just fine.
  • b3miine_x3

    Healthy eyes can stay in alignment with each other. But to those people who suffer from some kind of vision problems or weakness in eye muscles, their eyes can't see so well without glasses. Their eyes can't stay in alignment with each other. You can put on your glasses or contacts to help them work together.
  • cant_let_him_go

    Your doctor hasn't told you what's wrong with your eyes when you have an eye exam? I think there might be a prism in your glasses. After you put on your glasses, you just correct your vision problem in this way. Your optometrist specified a prism without telling you about it? That's wired. But weird things do happen in daily lives.
  • Marissa george

    I don't know. I guess there might be something wrong with your eyes. Your doctor can have your eyes checked and tell you the possible reasons. But doctors will explain the vision problems and prescription rightly after they have your eyes checked. Maybe your doctor hasn't told you that the prescription glasses can help correct your vision problem. So after you take off your glasses, your one of your eyes quickly turns inward. Maybe the glasses can help train that eye to stay in the correct position.

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