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Why do my eyes turn red hours after removing contact lenses?

I removed my contact lenses about six hours ago. I had been wearing them for only two hours. There was no irritation to my eyes, aside from them being a little dry. I applied some lubricating tear drops and they were fine after. I went out and my eyes were normal, but now, six hours later, my eyes are red around my cornea. I didn't rub my eyes or touch them and there is no pain, discharge, dryness, they're just red. I've been using my computer for a while, but my eyes don't normally get dry or red from that. What could have caused this?
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  • Rebecca


    It may be caused by the following possibility.
    1. when you take your contact lenses off, your eye get hurt by your fingers tips.
    2. Your lenses are fitting too tight and are adhering to the eyes.When you remove the lens, some cells pull away with the lens, and this irritates the eyes. To confirm this as the cause loosen the lens before removal by putting some eye drops on the lens then making it move by pushing against the lens edge with your finger tips. If you then remove the lens and the eye doesn't get red you know the lenses are too tight.
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  • fergus


    There might be lots of reasons for your red eyes. The first one is dryness. You just mentioned that your eyes were a little dry. We know contacts may lead to dryness and further cause red eyes. So your red eyes could be caused by contacts. But you also said that you lubricated your eyes with some lubricating tear drops. So the dryness must be relieved. While if there is something wrong with your drops, they may cause red eyes too. So you must make sure that the drops are fine. Then you went out for a few hours. Your red eyes might be caused by pollens or dust in the outside. Who knows? It is not normal to suffer from red eyes after removing contacts for hours. I suggest you to visit your eye doctor immediately to have your eyes checked. Hope this helped!
  • griffin


    I suffer from red eyes recently. They look horrible a few days ago. Now the corners of my eyes are still red. But they look much better. I know I over-use my eyes and rub them unconsciously, which may lead to red eyes. Besides, I forgot to drink water or lubricate my eyes. Maybe the bacteria on the keyboard are another factor. I have applied some oculentum two times a day. It works. But I still suggest you to have your eyes checked first. And then apply for appropriate treatment immediately. Good luck!
  • Hebbe


    It's strange. I often work in front of a computer for more than 10 hours a day. Sometimes I may suffer from red eyes because my eyes are too tired and dry. But as to your situation, I've seen several cases of this exact thing. I think its probably a bad batch of contact lenses. What brand do you use? If your contacts caused your problems, you may need to change the contacts. BTW, the redness should go away a few hours later. keep using your drops.
  • Elise Rubio


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