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Are polarzied sunglasses different from normal sunglasses?

Are polarized sunglasses better than regular sunglasses?

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  • ea4ever2end

    Polarized lenses are able to block not only direct glare, but also indirect glare which bounces off water or the roadway while driving which UV sunglasses can't do . polarized sunglasses are popular among outdoor enthusiasts .
  • Fari Tackaberry

    Yes. Of course. polarized sunglasses is more protective than regular sunglasses. Compared regular sunglasses for UV protection, polarized sunglasses can also filter glares that make polarized sunglasses can provide more comfortable vision. You can wear it for fishing, the sunglasses can shield your eyes from glares from water surfaces. Besides, you can wear it for driving which can prevent glares from smooth subjects. But usually polarized sunglasses more expensive than regular sunglasses. If it possible, you'd better choose polarized sunglasses.

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