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Kimberly quick

Does anyone know what is a brand of frame that is light weight?


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  • crockettcastle

    At Zenni Optical,they offer over one hundred lightweight eyeglasses frame that range in price from less than $7,to just under $50.with a wide variety of frames that cost substantially less than those you had find in a mall optics store or optometrist's can afford to purchase several pairs.
  • Andrea

    In my opinion,you can consider to choose a frame that is made of titanium is lightweight.titanium eyewear can be produced in a variety of colors for a clean,modern look with a hint of color.
  • cook

    Generally, the frame with the feature light weight has nothing to do with the brand. It has something to do with the frame materials. As I know that plastic performance frames are lightweight and durable, which is why they are favored by athletes and people who participate in outdoor and recreational activities. Another light weighted frame are titanium frames. This premium metal is very strong, durable, corrosion-resistant, and is 40% lighter than other metals. It's also hypoallergenic, making it a nearly perfect material for eyeglass frames. Titanium frames are available in several colors.

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