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Faith cook

Does Walmart have lower pricing than an independent Optometrist?

The price of the services at Walmart is really lower than the others?
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  • Ana clive

    Even though you may think of WalMart as having lower eye exam costs since they are a low price leader, however their prices on eyeglass lenses and frames are often the same as those of many private, independent optometrists. In fact, Walmart once boasted extremely competitive contact lens prices, with prices being slightly below those found in private practices or other commercial practices, such as Lenscrafters. However, many of their suppliers now require Uniform Pricing to level the playing field on pricing between retail, online and private practices. For example, Walmart made an agreement with 1-800-Contacts for contact lens processing, purchasing and sales, resulting in an increase in price. You may be surprised to learn that your private practice doctor is just as competitive on contact lens prices.
  • gary

    Walmart’s business has been built on one major principle: always low prices. When it comes to the Walmart vision center, I just can say that the price is relatively lower than any other competitors. More precisely, it is nearly the same with Costco. Moreover, some independent Optometrist periodically offer discount coupons, with which you can get a lower price for your eye exam or get a pair of eyeglasses.

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