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Danielle walker

Great, big sunglasses, today's trend or a Jackie O classic?

I've notice in the past year, a lot of celebs have been wearing great big sunglasses that cover like half their face, lol. But I've also seen old video of Jackie O wearing similar glasses and she known to have a lot of grace, style, and classic looks. So is this just a fad or is a classic look that goes in and out of style a lot?

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  • William christian

    In fact, Jackie O did start this and it has become a trend of the times. Its definetly a classic style if you wear them in proper way and in proper time. I am not sure If you meet the rapper Jackie O who also wears big frames. I would not just pick a big pair that covers the face because I have a small face.
  • Caspar

    Yes, big sunglasses have popular for years. It seems, Big sunglasses is a classic style. In fact, most of celebs worn great big sunglasses are just for disguising their appearance. Unpredictable, these big sunglasses give them good looks and public began to follow the trends. That make those big sunglasses popular. Anyway, wearing big sunglasses can give your eyes better protection especially in intensive sun.

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