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Michelle murphy


If the sunlight shines on the pair of sunglasses, and reading glasses, which pair would be warmer ?

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  • Angelica fergus


    The sunglasses would be warmer because the sunglasses would absorb the heat radiation and the sunglasses also absorb more light which would be converted to heat.While the Reading glasses let the light go through them so the light won't be converted to heat. So the both two glasses are exposed to the sunshine, the sunglasses would be warmer.
  • Justin Fergus


    "Probably the Reading glasses will be warmer because they will focus the sunlight and then make the lenses hotter."
  • David%u3000George


    The sunglasses maybe warmer cuz the lenses on sunglasses would absorb the light and heat, so that the sunglasses would be warmer than reading glasses. The lenses on reading glasses can let the light go through rather than stay on them.