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Isabelle duncan


How to put contact lenses in your eyes correctly?

I have trouble putting my contact lenses into my eyes. Does anyone have some suggestions to put contact lenses in the eyes correctly?
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  • Zachary dale


    When you start to wear your contact lenses,look into your mirror to see whether you put them correctly.Just put one of the lenses on the tip of your index finger of one hand, then use the other hand to lift your eyelid with the thumb and index finger.Finally put the lens into your eye gradually.
  • Jackson


    When you get your contacts, the eye doctor will tell you how to put the contact lenses in your eyes correctly.Some doctors will show you the way to put your contacts in.
  • chocolateeeee


    Practice makes perfect. After long time of wearing contacts you find it would be much easier than now. Everyone has its own skills, and not suitable for all people.