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What the results can be of using soft contact lens solution for hard contacts?

Does anybody have the experience?

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  • walkamong123

    I have never used soft contact lens solution for hard contacts.But I guess, you are not recommended to do it.You'd better use the solution, your doctor recommended for. As I know that there are some contacts can only be used with a certain brand or type of solution.
  • covenmasters

    Some hard contacts cannot used with soft contact lens solution because it's too abrasive and most soft contact lens solutions are not FDA approved for hard (GP) contacts. So you'd better consult your eye doctor because different types of contacts are used only in a specific solution.
  • Caroline

    No,you can't.Because the material are different in soft and hard contacts solution.If you use the soft solution for hard lenses,the surface can be damaged.
  • Riley eddy

    You'd better not.I don't know the reason,but I think it is better to use the special solution.

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