What my vision can be in the hours right after my lasik surgery?

I am going to have lasik surgery tomorrow, I know I should nap most of the day after the surgery, but what my vision can be when I am not napping? will I be able to see or will it be in blurry?
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  • Tessence

    No one can tell and ensure you the vision after the lasik surgery. The higher your prescription, the lower the chance of a perfect outcome. Lasik can make you more independent from your eyeglasses and contact. A perfect vision is the optimal outcome of LASIK, whether or not you can be is depend on your individual conditions, your eyes status and vision. Every indivudual is unique so the outcome varies.
  • Geoff Beckett

    Your vision may be a little blurry.And you will feel irretation in your eye.Your eyes will tear often during the short time after your lasik surgery.
  • Alexandra

    You can feel your vision improved a lot right after the surgery and can see things more clear,but you are not suggested to use your eyes in the day of surgery.It is normal to have blurry vision and keep tearing after the surgery,but it will be fine several days later.Don't worry.
  • Luke oliver

    You may feel blurry and be afraid of glare.But it is normal.You will be asked to have a recheck the next day to see how your eyes recover.

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