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Anyone have a higher prescription have rimless eyeglasses?

I want to get a pair of rimless glasses with high prescription, but the seller told me that my glasses with high prescription would look thick whenever how thin the lens is. Is there anyone have the rimless glasses with a high prescription?
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Answers (2)

  • Cameron smith

    Shari, my husband wears 4.25 and 3.0 and he has 2 pairs of semi-rimless (rims only at the tops) glasses. With the carbon thin lenses, it doesn't look too thick, but you have to find a good optician. He has tried to get new lenses for his glasses a couple times and the opticians said it was impossible, wouldn't work, etc., only to walk into the next optician and have it done with no problem.
  • emmie18

    If you have a prescription in your lens, you'd better not get the rimless glasses because your lenses may crack when you put them into a rimless frame and if you want to choose the nice rimless glasses, your lenses are too thick for them.

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