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Are thick lenses available for semi rimless glasses or rimless glasses?

I have both myopia and astigmatism, and need to wear glasses with very thick lenses. My question is why am I attached to full rimmed glasses. Why can't I wear semi rimless or rimless glasses? Are they available for me ?

Answers (2)

  • Christian george

    Sure you can. But you need to pay much more money to it cuz you need to choose the high index lenses to make in semi rimless or rimless glasses.
  • Jordan owen

    Actually full rimmed glasses is the best choice for you as you have to wear thick lenses.They can hold the lenses and reduce the burden on your nose.Also they can hide the thick lenses very well. semi rimless or rimless glasses can't hold the thick lenses and can easily get broken when falling down. If you do need a change,you can choose the high index lenses which are much thinner and more expensive to make semi rimless glasses.

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