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What can be used as an alternative to contact lens solution?

What can I use if I have run out of the solution temporarily?
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  • elmo01


    You can use the saline as a replacement for temporary use. But you still need to soak it in the solution for one day to disinfect if you get new solution.
  • Richard Schneider


    Contact solutions and saline are two of the best solutions for contacts. You can use the saline as a substitute for temporary but not for premament. Never use water or homemade saline which will easily lead you to infections of bacterials.
  • emily_109


    If you have run out of the contact lens solution, then saline solution is a good option, which is similar to contact lens solution.Saline solution is a disinfectant solution, so it will not do harm to contact lenses. If you have no saline solution, then distilled water is ok.However, remember not to use tap water to clean your contacts or sotre them.
  • walkwithmir


    Sterile lubricating eye drops can be ok.Never use water.
  • Randa Fritch


    It is really a good question that many people wearing contact lenses care about. I have been to the same place just as you described. I needed to get the lenses out but with no solution at hand. If you happen to have the moisturizing eye drops with you, then you can consider to use the drops as alternation solution to clean and store your contact lenses. As the essential component of contact lens solution is saline water, so it is ok for you to use saline water, distilled water or salt water as alternatives. But there are some other components in solution such as boric acid or anti-bactierial agents, to help deproteinization and kill most bacterial. All the alternatives can be used temporarily if you are in a pinch, after all alternative is better than nothing. But you should get solution the very second day or as soon as possible, because these alternatives introduced above can't help deproteinization and kill bacteria.