What eye drop is useful to solve dry eyes problem after a LASIK Surgery?

I had my LASIK surgery few months ago. but now I feel that my eyes are very dry.Can I use eye drop to solve this problem? If so,what eye drop is useful?
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  • chatter_box505

    It is common to feel dry in your eyes after the lasik surgery as it is one of the complications of lasik surgery. Actully, you need to use lubricating and moisturizing drops very often after the suegery procedure.Don't overuse your eyes, If these couldn't help, go to your LASIK surgeons, they will give you recommendation on the frequent use of lubricating eye drops or other treatments.
  • Jenya

    The best way you should do is to consult your eye doctor because the dry eye may caused by many reasons.Only the doctor can find out the exact reason that lead to your dry eye.The doctor will suggest you how to treat your dry eye according to your own conditions.
  • clarinetbandguy

    It is normal to have dry eyes after the lasik surgery and the symptom should last for 1-3 months.You can relieve it by lubricating eye drops or other treatments such as artificial tears.Or you can call your doctor for a recommended eye drop.

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