William clive

Can you give some feedback for Lasik surgery?

Can people who have already had it give some feedback?helpful and useful comments would be great
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    My dad had a surgery for 5 years and until now everything goes well, he has clear vision ,he don't have to wear his eyeglasses or any contacts, It is commonly viewed that lasik surgery is safe.
  • Colleen

    If you go to a reputable eye surgeon, it is worth to do it.When I got lasik surgery,there was no pain during the surgery and when I went to see my doctor the following days, he said everything was fine.
  • Johnny W.

    My Dad had it last year with fantastic results. He was legally blind and now doesn't have to wear glasses at all. I would consider it if I had the money. But it is important to choose a renowned hospital and experienced doctor to increase the chance of success and reduce the risk of complications.You may be very sensitive to light , keep tearing,or feel blurry after that.But it is normal and can be fine in several days.

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