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Logan quick


can i get non-prescription glasses for computer use?

I often feel my eyes strained when working on the computer and recently I have to squint at the computer.Will the glasses be useful to stop me having to squint on my laptop? My vision is good.
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  • walkwithmir


    Add a tint or coating on the lenses of your precent non-prescription glasses to cut down on glare and discomfort is the best solution to your problem. Non-prescription without any coatings is just for fashion use, cannot do any to help eye strains.
  • Isabel fergus


    Yes. If you have good vision, you can get non-prescription computer glasses which can protect you from radiation. If your eyes get strained when you work on the computer, you should keep your eyes away from the computer screen for a while and let your eyes have enough time to rest, which will help you reduce your eye strain.
  • charles


    I think you have some eye coordination problems and the glasses won't help. You'd better go to an optometrist and have a exam.