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Can I get prescription sunglasses at Sunglass Hut?

I am going to get sunglasses soon and I wanted to know if they do prescriptions. I am also debating from getting my sunglasses there or LensCrafter? Which one do you recommend? I am thinking about getting Ray-Bans. Well thanks ahead of time!
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  • wesley


    You can get prescription sunglasses at sunglasses hut. You just need to give them your prescription and choose the style of the sunglasses you like, and then they will make a pair of prescription sunglasses for you. I like ray ban sunglasses too. I have bought two pairs of ray ban sunglasses online. They are quite good. But I broke the first pair by accident. It cost me nearly $100. It was a great loss to me.
  • 04/14/2012

    Lenscrafter will be better .I have gone to this Lenscrafters for all of my glasses for possibly the last ten years and every time service is amazing!. While I do get my eye exams elsewhere (for a little less), I always bring it here to get my glasses.
  • Carlos rodney


    FOr sure LensCrafter will be your best choice. Everyone knows their quality, style and service are all excellent. If you want to ensure the accuracy and fitness of your rx sunglasses you'd better choose them.
  • george


    I think both of them will be OK. If you ask me to chose, I will go the place which is nearest to my house, because this can help save my time. And I always think that the quality of the sunglasses have some relationship with their prices. So I can also buy a pair of good prescription sunglasses at sunglasses hut.
  • Jade


    I think the sunglasses sold by sunglasses hut are more expensive than the sunglasses sold by LensCrafters. I suggest you to have a look at LensCrafters first. If you can't find a pair of satisfying sunglasses in the end, you can turn to sunglasses hut. I often do that because I think if I can spend less money to buy a pair of sunglasses that I like, why not spend less other than spend more? Hope this helped!