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Is it ok to wear a larger base curve contact lens?

The base curve on my contact lens prescription is 8.5.I would like to try some colored contacts.But I found that most of color contact have base curve at 8.6.Would the larger curve be harmful to my cornea? Will I feel discomfortable with them?
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  • leigh sehr


    You'd better get the trical lenses from your eye doctor, they will check and adjust it for you. Colored contact lenses are not easy to get used to and uncomfortable to wear. If you want to otder online, make sure the prescription is correct and valid, the right size of your lenses.
  • chemicalumnesnt


    No. Contact lenses should fit your eyes properly.Any smaller or bigger base curve cannot be allowed. If you wear contact lenses with 8.6, the lens will slip everytime you blink. Because the lower the number, the steeper of the curve of the lens will be. Though there is little difference between them, your eye will know. So you'd better consult your eye doctor.