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Do you wear sunglasses when you have your contact lenses in?

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  • Yes, in summer I use contact to see more clearly and use sunglasses to protect my eyes .The sunglasses looks very cool.
  • Luke

    I have a pair of non prescription sunglasses. I can wear them after I put on my contacts. The contacts can help correct my vision problems and the sunglasses can protect my eyes from the sun. I think both of them work very well for me. But I seldom do that because I seldom go out. I often work at home. My mum can buy all the things for me.
  • Andrew hill

    If your contacts and sunglasses both have prescriptions, I will not suggest you to wear both of them at the same time because this will lead to headaches or even vomit. They provide you with total degrees that can't correct your vision problems. Doctors will tell you that wearing a pair of prescription glasses that have stronger degrees or lower degrees are both bad for your eyes. So you'd better not do that if both of them have prescriptions.
  • b1eedingthrough

    Why not buy a pair of prescription sunglasses? A pair of prescription sunglasses can help correct your vision problems as well as protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays from the sun. It is really very inconvenient to put on the contacts and then put on the sunglasses. If both of them have prescriptions, they will damage your eyesight and cause side effects such as headaches or vomit. So I think a pair of prescription sunglasses can help solve all the problems.

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