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Can the Anti glare coating be added to the lens?

I want to make an anti glare coating on my glasses,do I need to get new lenses to get the anti-glare coating or do they just apply some chemical to the lenses to get rid of the glare?
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  • Bernice

    Most of optical stores would be unwilling to add anti-glare coating on your present lenses, cuz the costing would bu much higher than manufacture a new lens with anti-glare coatings. So if you want a pair with ANTI-GLARE COATING, it is suggested to have a new pair with the anti-glare coating lenses.
  • Kelly gary

    No, i've tried to add glare coating on my glasses, but the optical store refused to do so. They just told me they didn't offer such service, i dunno why,

    Of course you can. You can take your glasses back to your optician where you bought your glasses. Their lab will add the anti-glare coating on your lenses. But it may be costly. You can contact your optician to determine whether they are willing to do it for you.

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