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Richard M Fawcett

What kind of cleaners are good to clean glasses with anti-glare coating?

I used to clean my glasses with soap,but I heard that it will damage the coating.I just don't want to ruin the anti-glare coating.
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Answers (2)

  • Sean

    No, it is not permitted. Never use soap or something like that to wash your lenses, for they have chemicals in them that will damage your coating and make some scrathes on them otr even peelling them off. Just use the approved lens cleaner, wash under warm running water, and use the special cleaning cloth to wipe on them.
  • Isabelle duncan

    Aplly several drops of a mild dishwater detergent into the water and mix them up. Then soap your lenses into the water and gently rub your lenses with your finger. Finally, rinse your glasses under warm, running water and dry them with soft cloth. The mild dishwater detergent won't harm your lens.

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