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Is it possible to remove tint from sunglasses?

I just don't like the tinted color in my sunglasses, is it possible to remove the tint from lenses and make it clear?
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Answers (2)

  • garcia

    Yes. As long as your lens is not glass, it is possible to remove the tint from your sunglasses. Take your glasses to the optician where you bought your sunglasses. Most of the optician usually have tinting units. So they will use a special chemical to remove the tint from your sunglasses.
  • Matthew harris

    It should depend on the lenses you have and how the tint is added to the sunglasses. In some cases it is possible to bleach the tint out if the lenses are plastic and are not coated with and anti-reflection coating. You can take them to your local optician and ask if they can do this for you.

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