Randy C

Can I get lasik refractive surgery correction after cataract surgery?

I had cataracts surgery years before and now I need to wear glasses but I wonder if I can still get lasik refractive surgery
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Answers (2)

  • betty

    In theory, you can have it. But the surgeon may be unwilling to give you a lasik surgery because there will be a higher risk to have a lasik surgery after cateract surgery. What's more, when you get old, you still need Reading glasses to correct your vision because it can't be corrected with surgery.
  • Tracy

    You can do it but there may be a higher risk to get lasik surgery. If you insist to have the surgery, you should choose an experience surgeon and know all the risk of it. In my opinion, I would not suggest you to get lasik surgery. Glasses are not that bad.

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