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What should I do if the sand and dust get into my eyes?

I find there is some sand or dust in my eyes which make me uncomfortable. Is there any way to deal with this problem?
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  • Jada

    You can rinse it out with clean fresh water. But don't rub your eyes with your hands, otherwise the sand or dust will cause damage to your eyes. If you can't do it by yourself, you can ask others to help you.
  • Catherine lewis

    There is nothing to worry about it. At first, you can put your eyes in the water. Then keep rotating your eyes until the sand and dust get out of your eyes. Then you will feel better.
  • Danai P.

    It happens to me a lot because I never wear glasses. The sands would come into my eyes easily especially in windy days. I think it is better to wear sunglasses when outside. If there is sand or dust in your eyes, don't rub your eyes cuz you may scratch the cornea. Close and open them for several times and they will come out.

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