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What are the symptoms of visual snow?

Do you see very tiny dots you see in your eyes everywhere if you have visual snow? Has anyone got visual snow and what do you usually see?
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  • Ryan

    If you get visual snow, you may see snow or television-like static in your visual field. You will see them floating in bright light when you move your eyes. Even see them when you close your eyes.
  • Robert ja

    People who have visual snow will see lots of small bright and dark dots moving across their entire visual field, it is just like what appears on a TV when it stops work. It is much similar to floaters and there is nothing can be done about it.
  • edward

    With visual snow you may see hundreds of tiny flashing lights on a black background, it is just like the snow you see on a TV channel that is not working. There is not an official name for it and is described by people who suffer from it.
  • Neil

    Many visual snow sufferers also experience: Tinnitus, Blue Field Entoptic Phenomenon (including on backgrounds other than a blue sky), Increased After-images/Palinopsia, Halos, Starbursts, Scotoma, Migraine-aura-esque visual disturbances.

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