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Should an optometrist be able to detect diseases and disorders in the eye?

My eyes having been hurting me since i started playing my psp excessively, and the pain is still there even I stopped playing. i'm also having headaches which has been lasting for a month now. I wonder if a regular eye exam from an optometrist can detect and diagnose my problems.
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  • crush_star


    I thin you should go to an ophthalmologist. An ophthalmologist covers a wider range of eye problems from eye diseases, injury diagnosis, and prescription eyewear to eye surgeries.
  • Luthy


    A regular eye exam is able to detect your problem if you have some eye disease. In general practice, optometrists can deal with nearly all issues described in ophthalmologists except for eye surgeries. If they see something that they can not treat they will most likely send you to an Ophthalmologist. You need to describe your problem as specified as possible.