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Is it normal to feel burning when you get shampoo in eyes?

When I was washing my hair, I got some shampoo in my eyes accidentally. But then they started to feel burning. Is that normal? Will it damage my eyes?
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Answers (4)

  • walkingbassline

    Yes. It is normal to feel burning when you get shampoo in your eyes because it will affect the ph balance of your fluid in your eye. However, after you rinse them with water, your eyes will get healed soon with no damages.
  • Lex

    If the PH level is lower or higher than standard level, your eyes will feel burning. You should choose shampoo which is mild chemically. If you wash them out immediately with fresh water, they should not damage your eyes.
  • chriso1984

    Most the shampoo will cause no damage to your eyes if it gets into your eyes. On the bottle you will find the suggestions saying that you can rinse your eyes with clean water if you get shampoo in eyes. However, If it is serious, you should go to see your doctor or optometrist immediately.
  • Brandon cook

    Yes. It is normal. When I get shampoo in my eyes, I always feel burning. But When I rinse it out with clean water, it will disappear soon and then my eye get recovery.

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