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What are some foods that are good for the health of your eye?

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  • Vitamin A or C is good for your eyes . Food high in Vitamin A :Liver,Red Pepper,Sweet Potatoes ,Sweet Potatoes ,Dark Leafy Greens ,Butternut Squash , Cantaloupe ,Dried Apricots ,Lettuce ,Dried Herbs .Food high in Vitamin C :Orange Juice,Peaches,Papayas, Strawberries ,Pineapple. dark leafy vegetables are also good .
  • jimjames

    It would be wise for us to resort to fruits and vegetables instead of drugs and surgeries. So, as you can see, there are numberless kinds of foods that would be beneficial to your eyes, all of them contain vitamin A, B, E, Carotene, as well as lutein. Any food that have those nutrition benefit your eyes greatly, such as carrots, oliver, grapes, as well as kelp. Just try to protect your eyes as much as possible, including your rest and use of your eyes.
  • Sally

    There are many foods that are good for your eye health. Fish, animal liver, fruits and vegetables are all good for our eyes. I think you can maintain your eye health if you keep a healthy diet and don't be picky about food.
  • Danielle may

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