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What part of the eye changes as we age resulting in people needing reading glasses from their mid-40’s and up?

Also, What type of change occurs?
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  • After we age 40s,the elasticity of the lens is becoming weaker and weaker ,which results in presbyopia .It is common in the mid-40’s ,no need to worry.
  • walkdawalk23

    The crystalline lens changes as we age. The loss of elasticity of the crystalline lens will lead to presbyopia. Usually these symptoms are first noticed between the ages of 40 to 50.
  • Victor

    The crystalline lens and ciliary muscles changes as we age which will lead to presbyopia. This vision problem is like gray hair or wrinkles, it is the natural course of aging. If you are suffering from eyestrain, difficulty seeing in dim light, problems on fine print or small objects, it can be a sign that you may need a pair of reading glasses.

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