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Can I add nose pads to plastic frame eyeglasses?

I found the eyeglasses are a little large for me in the nose part, can I add a nose pad to it so that it can fit me better?
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  • emily_xoox

    Usually, plastic eyeglasses frames have fixed "nose pads" between the bridge distance. And there is no way that you can add nose pads on the frames. If you eyeglasses are a little large for me in the nose part, that is to say the bridge distance of your eyeglasses are wider that what you really need. So, you'd better buy new eyeglasses frames according to your frames size instead.
  • handsome_fuck

    There is no way to mount adjustable nose pads into a plastic frame if they were not manufactured that way. However, if you are just wanting something with a little more comfort, you can always try the silicone stick-on nose pads that you can find at some optical retailers.
  • edward

    Generally speaking, it is possible to add nose pads to plastic frame eyeglasses, but the optician would take a look to make sure whether it can be done because only several types of plastic frame eyeglasses can be done and some plastic frames don't have enough material to attach the pads to. So you'd better take your plastic frame eyeglasses back to your optician to let him have a look.
  • tuo gniox

    Yes, you can. Not a lot of labs will do it but VSP is able do. I had mine done through VSP two years ago. Trying to get my new ones done too, but no one seems to do it so I'll have to go through my old optometrist again.
  • Trevor Wang

    of course,plastic frame can use nose pads,want to know more about nose pads,welcome to our website:
  • Derek T.

    Yes, you can. The use of adhesive nose pads is a popular method of converting a pad-free eyeglass frame into one that uses nose pads. A popular type of self adhesive nose pad is commonly referred to as the stick-on nose pad. Stick on nosepads are applied to the glasses frame by means of an adhesive material.A more permanent method of applying glasses nose pads or nose pieces to plastic frames and eyeglasses is installing snappy nose pads, also referred to as build-up nose pads. Snappy nose pads require an appropriate modification to the eyeglass frame bridge area by either an eyeglass repair store or trained optician.Snappy nose pads are also referred to as press-on nose pads, press-in nose pads, or more generally just nose pads for plastic frames. Hope this helpful.
  • hands4god

    There is no way to add nose pads to plastic frame as it is made in a whole. Plastic frames don't have nose pads, or any way to attach them. If your eyeglasses don't fit you very well, there is also a way of heating up the frame and reshaping it to make the area fitting over your nose smaller and therefore fit better.
  • Kaspar Georges

    Everything is possible. I own acetate frames worked by hand and they have the same nose pads as on metal frames. It's an industrial piece inserted in a kind of slot, then under the bridge there's a screw. This feature exists only on high-class acetate frames (even tom ford acetate frames don't have it) and I'm pretty sure it's possible to add it. At least, it is physically possible, but I don't know which lab or craftsman could do it and I don't know for how much but it seems to be a pretty simple operation.
  • Brian Clem

    No. Plastic frame eyeglasses don't have nose pads, so there is no way to add nose pads to its frame. If your plasitc frame eyeglasses don't fit you properly. I would suggest you go back to the place where you bought the glasses and have your frame adjusted. If you want to get eyeglasses with nose pads, you can get metal frame eyeglasses.
  • tuo gniox

    Yes you can. Get done through VSP. I had mine done a couple years ago. Doing it again. Just waiting for it to come in.

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