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How to take an eye exam online?

Can anyone tell me how to take an eye exam online? Can you suggest any site?
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Answers (4)

  • Jada shelley

    You can find many sites which offer free eye test. You just enter their web sites and follow their instructions to test your eyes. Here is a link:
  • Jordyn adams

    You can take an eye exam at Open this site, you will see there is a button named free eye test. Follow the page step by step. After you finish all the steps, you will find the result.
  • Andrea

    Taking an eye exam online won't offer you the accurate prescription. I would recommend you to go to your eye doctor and have an eye exam there. The doctor can give you a complete exam to detect any eye problems you might get.
  • Maye

    There are numerous online eye exams. Some online eye exams are just games and are not a reliable way to test a person's vision; however, there are some online eye exam sites that offer a good first assessment of a person's vision. There are two different types of online eye exams, a focal vision exam and a color blindness exam. Online eye exam cost is usually free. An online eye exam can be a helpful tool for judging if you need an eye exam; however, it is not a substitute for going to an optometrist.

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