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Kimberly quick

What are plano glasses? Are they the same as non prescription glasses?

I have heard some people say "plano glasses",but I don't know what the meaning of this, Are they the same as non prescription glasses?

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  • Carlos

    Plano glasses are also called non-prescription glasses. People who have perfect vision wear plano glasses only for cosmetic purposes. There are many types of plano glasses for people to choose. People can choose any type of them to make them look more beautiful and stand out. However, wearing plano glasses can also protect the eyes from wind and UV rays.
  • Cameron smith

    plano glasses mean no correction is needed in the lenses. We say plano glasses, which often refer to the Spherical part of the Optometrist eyeglass Rx. Commonly, Plano eyeglasses are used for fashionable purpose rather than for vision aids. Now, eyeglasses have become a part of fashionable accessories. plano eyeglasses are special designed for people who needn't vision aids to enhance the appearance or to accessorize an outfit. Now, wearing plano eyeglasses become a new fashion trend.
  • Arianna walker

    plano glasses which are also called non prescription glasses have no degree in the lenses. Those people who have perfect vision don't need prescription glasses to correct their vision. So they choose to wear non prescription glasses just for fashion purpose. Now they are many plano glasses with nice styles. People who want to wear plano glasses can choose any style they like to make them look more beautiful.

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