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How do I repair a very tiny nick in a very expensive pair of sunglasses?

I can see the imperfection when I put them on. Its very bothersome.
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  • You can go to a nail salon to find some acrylic powder and nail polish to fill the nick.The color must match its original color.
  • Celina

    You can have a look at There are some suggestions. You just asked the same question as that guy did. Hope this helped!
  • hall

    If the nick occurs on the sunglass frame, you can take your sunglasses to a nail salon. Then ask the staff to fill the nick with acrylic powder and file it down smooth for you. You can touch up the nick after you take it home. You just need to find some nail polish to match the color. It may sound a little difficult but if you are a lady, you can definitely do it well.

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