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are Halloween contact lenses safe to wear?

I really want to get some Halloween contact lenses for fun but I'm not sure if they are safe and I have no experience with contacts.
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  • gary


    To some people who want to get a unique look to match their Halloween costume, they will choose Halloween contact lenses. And there are variety of Halloween contact lenses look like an animal like, a cay, a wolf etc. The lenses just made of such look. So, i don't think they will hurt eyes if you use it properly. And change your Halloween contact lenses every time to avoid infections.
  • Dan Samberg


    If you get Halloween contact lenses without a lens fitting, they can cause serious problems with the eye. If you want to buy halloween contact lenses, you'd better buy them from optical shop where the contact lenses are specifically fitted for you according to your eyes conditions. Also you should follow the wearing instructions rigidly.
  • Andy Carl


    Halloween contact lenses are safe if treated with care and bought after proper contact lens fitting. If you're in the USA you will probably need a prescription - and that's the law. Additionally, I think most of the reliable contact lens retailers may not even accept your order as Halloween contact lenses are usually custom made to fit your eye. But go ahead and check places like Lensmart and You can read a lot more about it in the article "Contact lenses for Halloween - Reason to be spooked? Or, are you in for a night full of treats without tricks?" at
  • George


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