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How much does it cost to have a contact lens fitting?

I need a contact lens fitting before getting my new contact lenses. How much is the cost?
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  • Luthy

    The prices of the contact lenses fitting are varied widely depend on many factors. For example, where you love and who you go see. You can call different offices and ask for a price quote. If you have a fitting, you will first have to take an eye exam to get the prescription that use for contact lenses. Then, you will be able to safely and legally to order contact lenses even at online sites.
  • Nicholas

    The contact lens fitting can range a lot depending on different places and types of contact lenses you need. I used to work for an Optometrist in NYC, the cost for his fitting was anywhere from $100-$150 for distance or reading only (monovision). $200 and up for the bifocal contacts. It is quite expensive here, you may pay half of the price in other places.

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