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Adam peters

How to clean sports goggle lenses?

My goggles is dirty right now. How can i clean it to make the goggle lenses clean and bright again?
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  • Vanessa edward

    Sports goggles lenses can get easily scratched if you don't clean them properly. If you don't have a special cleaner for it, mild liquid dish soap water is also fine. Wash the goggles with a mild liquid dish soap or baby shampoo. Rinse thoroughly. Soap residue can irritate your eyes. Dry them completely with a lens-cleaning cloth. Do not use paper products, ski gloves or other abrasive materials to clean the goggle. Allow the goggle to air dry before storing for extended periods.
  • evelyn

    The maintenance is very important for glasses no matter they are prescription glasses or sports goggle. The right clean method can keep the glasses longevity. For cleaning the glasses, don't use dry glass cloth and towel to scrape lens. When you find your lens become dirty, you should rinse it with clear water firstly. After the dust is washing off, drop a few diluted detergent in the lens and then wash the lens gently with your finger. At last, rinse it to be clear. If there are glob residual on lens, you can blot them gently with towel.
  • Ethan edward

    Firstly, you should get some goggle cleaning solution or generic eye glasses cleaner spray from a sporting goods shop or online, and the cleaning solution should be plastic-compatible which is not bad for the plastic lenses. Secondly, drop some cleaning solution on one half of the soft lens cloth. By the way, you should make sure the cloth should be soft and 100 percent cotton. Wipe the lenses with the half of cloth with cleaning solution until the dust and grime has been got rid. Do this step twice. Thirdly, dry the lenses with the dry half of the lens cloth to polish the surface. And you wipe them carefully and gently. Besides the above mentioned way, I think you can have your goggle cleaned in a professional shop, maybe the one you bought it.
  • evilrain

    First of all, you need to buy some certain kinds of cleaners for sports goggle lenses from the optical. This cleaner is specially made for the cleaning of lenses. Then, you should find a piece of soft cloth as the cleaning tool to move around the lenses as well as the frame with the drops of the cleaner. Remember to be careful and avoid scratches. At last, use some water to wash the lenses again. Hope this will be helpful.
  • b3autifulxlies

    Hello, you can go to Optical Shop to have your sports goggle lenses cleaned if you have time off. Optical Shop can offer you professional service. Besides, you can also clean the goggle lenses yourself. Some warm water, a small amount of washing-up liquid, some soft face tissues are necessary. You can put your sports goggles in the warm water which contains the amount of washing-up liquid for five minutes, and use the soft face tissues to wipe the dirty lenses. Hope your help.
  • walkingfetus

    In order to clean sports goggle lenses, Firstly, place a few drops of the cleaning solution on one half of the soft lens cloth. Make sure the cloth is specifically for lens cleaning to avoid scratches. Wipe off the inside of the lens with the moist part of the cloth until all dust and grime has been removed. Secondly,wipe the lens of the goggles using a gentle circular motion. Do not press too hard on the lens when buffing it clean. Excessive pressure when scrubbing may remove the anti-fog coating or push the lens out of position in the frame. Use light, circular strokes to dab away dirt and any residue that has built up. Then, you should dry the lens with the dry half of the lens cloth to polish the surface. Gently buff the lens in a circular motion, making sure not to leave any streaks or moisture from the cleaning solution,at last,repeat the same process for the outside of the lens. Carefully wipe away all dirt and dry off the surface.

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