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Joseph campbell


What are best colored contact lenses for teenagers?

My younger sister wants colored contact lenses. What are the best colored contact lenses for her since she is a teenagers?
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  • Tyler george


    I have tried different brands of colored contact lenses and I think the best one is FreshLook. I have astigmatism in one eye and I'm nearsighted in the other but the toric lenses and regular ones are so comfortable I wear my contacts for at least 10 or more hours everyday and I have no problems at all. However, when I try other brands, they kept getting dry, making my vision blurry (I wonder if this caused my astigmatism). When I blink they move. FreshLook is awesome!
  • classiccarguy89


    In my opinion, colored contact lenses are not good for our eyes' health. And there are lots of stores selling colored contacts in poor quality. Therefore, I would suggest teenagers not wear colored contact lenses for the good health of their eyes. Instead, a pair of colorless contact lenses will be a better choice. If there are some situations you need or must wear the colored contact lenses, I think you should go to the formal glasses stores to buy some ones of good quality.