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Michael anderson


How long to store soft contact lenses in the lens case?

I bought some soft contact lenses and I only wore a few times and then stored them in the lens case. They have been stored in 2 months. Can i still wear them?
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  • Kaylee


    Generally speaking, they can be stored for up to 30 days with enough soft lens cleaning solution in the case. The wearer must repeat the clean-and-store process every 30 days to keep contacts clean and sterile. You should also make sure that the lenses do not dehydrate and whether the prescription is still accurate. There are various contact lenses that are of different guarantee period. Since you said that your contact lenses have been stored in 2 months, it is better for you not to wear them anymore. It may be harmful for your eyes. There are various new and cheap contact lenses online, you can change another new pair of popular styles.
  • duncan


    In recent years, there are four main types of contact lenses in terms of the time they can be in used. These are annual disposable, half year disposable, month disposable and daily contacts. So you should make sure what kind of yours. If your contacts are annual disposable or half year disposable, you still can wear them after two months store. If your contact lenses are the latter two types, you should throw them even you just wore them for a few times as they are overdue now.
  • david


    It is quite right to store your soft contact lenses in the lens case. However, if you won't use them or you have to store the contacts for a long time, then I would suggest you to change the eye drops in the case regularly. According to your saying that your soft contact lenses have been stored for two months, I think you can wear the contacts if they are still in the shelf life. Do remember to wash the soft contact lenses very carefully before wearing them. Developing a good habit of using contacts will be a lot of help to you.