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Anthony cecil


Which one should i choose, bifocal contact lenses or bifocal eyeglasses?

I have presbyopia and myopia at the same time. I need vision aids to see near and far. Bifocal contact lenses or bifocal glasses, which is better and more convenient?
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  • Eric quick


    Bifocal contact lenses are better. Surely bifocals are designed for people who suffered from both myopia and presbyopia. For many years people have to wear bifocal glasses, which are very noticeable (not cosmetically pleasing) and quite heavy. Luckily, technology advancement brings us higher quality bifocal contact lenses, which are more comfortable and easier to use. Before making your final decision, you'd better see an eye doctor for thorough eye check and specific advice.
  • Cameron giles


    Well, both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Contacts make you see everything clearly as the lenses contact with your eyes directly. And they are good in look. But contact lenses are difficult to get used to if you have not worn them before. If you wear them in a long time, they may also lead to some eye diseases. As for bifocal eyeglasses, they are easily to adapt yourself to them. Also, you can wear them or take out of them at anytime you want. But the images you see through glasses are not clearly as by contacts. I think you can buy both of them, so you can enjoy both of their advantages and avoid their disadvantages.
  • equine_world


    It is safer to wear the bifocal eyeglasses than bifocal contact lenses. Because you have presbyopia and myopia at the same time, your eye will be under considerable strain, and if you often wear the bifocal contact lenses, your eyes might have conjunctivitis. There are so many stylish eyeglasses that you can try. If you feel not so convenient to wear the bifocal eyeglasses when you have a trip, you can wear the bifocal eyeglasses, just pay attention to clean the bifocal contact lenses well.