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Jason warren

What should i do with leftover contact lenses?

I have a box of unopend contact lenses, But they're not an up-to-date prescription. I don't want the contact lenses are wasted. So, what should i do with those leftover contact lenses?
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Answers (2)

  • Isabelle

    If your leftover contact lenses are not overdue and still can be used, you can resell it to others whoever need at cheap prices. You can first ask your friend or people around you who happen to wear the contact lenses. If not, You can post the detail information about the contact lenses at some websites like Facebook. Maybe someone who need it will contact you. Hope this help.
  • walkercub76

    Ok, it seems that you take care of your stuff, which is good. Anyway, it would not be wise for you to wear contact lenses that are not suitable for your myopia, which might lead to blurry vision, dizzy feeling, or headaches, because your eyes could not be compatible with them. Anyway, you could try to figure out which of your friends need them, and give them away, just do someone else a favor.

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