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David cook

What are the disadvantages of RGP contact lenses?

I plan to buy RGP contact lenses. But my friends do not support me. He said RGP contact lenses are not as good as i thought. So, what are the disadvantages of RGP contact lenses?
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  • walkaboutpnw

    RGP contact lenses also called as rigid gas permeable lenses. The lenses can transmit more oxygen to the eye than do traditional soft contact lenses. But it need a period of adaptation. Besides, the lenses may slip off center of eye more easily than other types. In addition, the lenses can be easily gather debris.
  • charger101

    The RGP contact lenses are rigid gas permeable contact lenses, which is also known as oxygen permeable lenses. They have similar function like other contact lenses. However, compared with other contact lenses, it has some shortcomings. One disadvantage of RGP contact lenses is that it's uncomfortable for people to wear them in the eyes in the beginning. And it's easier to slip off the RGP contact lenses and more difficult to get back them in the eyes by themselves. Additionally, it's more costly to purchase a pair of RGP contact lenses when losing them.

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