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Carlos rodney

Who can tell me how to hide ptosis?

It is boring to have ptosis. Is there any way to help me hide the ptosis?
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Answers (2)

  • Caroline hill

    If you want to hide ptosis, the best way you can choose is taking surgery. With a surgery, you can get rid of ptosis forever if the surgery success. Or, if you in urgent to hide your ptosis, you, you can put on yourself a pair of stylish sunglasses so that to cover your eyes as well as ptosis. Besides, wearing proper sunglasses can make you look cool. Hope this help.
  • Alexia charles

    It is really boring to have ptosis which could be shown ugly in the look. You could do the following ways to hide the ptosis. You could do the makeup to make the ptosis look not that serious. You could do the eye shadow to make the color of the eyes look natural. You could have a try.

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