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Andrew hill

How much do prescription glasses cost in LensCrafters?

Is there anyone who bought prescription eyeglasses in LensCrafters? How much will it cost? Are they good?

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  • Isabel fergus

    I never bought prescription glasses at LensCrafters before. Just know, i go to their site and find the eyeglasses frames at LensCrafters are expensive. As far as i see, the cheapest eyeglasses require about $150. If you want to buy prescription glasses cost in LensCrafters, you shall prepare more money. In fact, you can choose other sites to buy prescription eyeglasses such, and etc.
  • evilrain

    The price there differs a lot because of the different materials, different styles and different designs. Usually the price of lenses of prescription glasses is higher than that of common glasses. If you want to buy a better one with high quality both in frame and lenses, you'd better prepare at least $150.

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