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how to clean my eyeglasses?

how to clean my eyeglasses?
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  • greg t

    1. Wash lenses daily with a mild soap and warm water to remove dirt and oil and avoid massive buildup. 2. Dry lenses with a lens cloth or nonabrasive cotton. Avoid using paper towels or camera lens paper. 3. Purchase a professional lens-cleaning cloth and lens gel (or spray) to remove fingerprints, dirt buildup and smudges. 4. Hold glasses by the eye frame with your thumb and forefinger of one hand. Use the other hand to gently buff the lenses in a circular motion. Do not press too hard on the lenses. 5. Wash the cleaning cloth weekly with a mild, nonabrasive soap. Avoid using fabric softener when drying the cloth.
  • walkingjaded

    It seems that you want to find a good way to clean your eye glasses right? So, generally speaking, there are a lot of good ways to get them cleaned. However, we always try to find the most convenient way. Here I could recommend a way, maybe you should get some glass cleaner on the lenses, then try to softly rub the lenses with a piece of soft cloth. Or you could take the glasses to the optical store for help, but that may cost you bucks.
  • cook

    I am a current glasses user. I don't think there is any difficult to clean my glasses since I got the first pair of my glasses. The optician gave me a bottle of solution after I bought the glasses in his store. He told me that I can spray some solutions on the lenses and frame and then use a piece of clean soft cloth to wipe the solution gently. It is so easy. You can have a try.
  • Kaylee

    Just clean the lenses of your glasses with a piece of clean soft cloth gently. If you have some solutions, you can spray some solutions on the lenses and then wipe them with the cloth. This will be easier than clean them without any solutions. Some people will blow a breath on the lenses and then wipe the fog on the lenses if they don't have any solutions at hand. Some people don't agree with this kind of way to clean lenses but many people often do that in daily lives. If you don't have any solutions at hand, you can have a try. This won't do great damage to your glasses. But you may need to remember that you can't clean your lenses with other cloth or paper. Many people just use their cloth to wipe lenses when they don't have the glass cloth at hand. I don't think it is a good way. Hope this helped!
  • Derek T.

    You can rinse the lenses and frame under warm running water and then wash them with dish soap carefully. You can rinse the glasses under warm running water to wipe the soap off with a circular motion. You can use soft cloth or wet cotton to wipe them at this time. If there is any grime on near the nose pad, you can brush the grime off the nose pads with a soft toothbrush. You must avoid graze the lenses by accident. And then dry the glasses with a piece of clean cloth. Hope this helped!
  • Wendy

    You can fill a sink with warm water and put some dish soap into it. Then you need to dunk your glasses in the sudsy water and wash them for a while. Then rinse your glasses under warm running water. You can rotate the glasses to let the water get to both sides of the lenses. This can help wash them thoroughly. After washing off the sudsy water, you can wipe the water on the lenses with a piece of clean soft towel.
  • Rebecca

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    Wash your glasses with a mild soap (such as a dish soap) and warm water.And then wipe the soap off with a circular motion as you rinse the glasses under warm water. Dry the glasses gently with a soft cotton towel or chamois.Brush any grime off the nose pads with a soft toothbrush, but be careful not to accidentally graze the lenses.

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