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reading glasses impairs the vision of those who do not need to wear glasses?

I have read about 3 hrs on my computer and I want to read more but my eyes get tired! I do not need to wear glasses, but my brother told me to use reading glasses. this may affect my vision?
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  • Benson Dubois


    Reading glasses would not work for you when you read on the computer.They are only needed when you have difficulty reading the small texts on the books. If you wear reading glasses for computer use, you may feel blurry and get a headache. It is better for you to get a pair of non prescription Computer Glasses which are specially designed for computer users as you have good vision. It can help ease the tiredness when reading for a long time.
  • walkinalone


    Totally agree with Benson. Simply use computer glasses which will help alleviate fatigue, protect your vision and prevent computer radiation at the same time. As you have good vision, so I suggest you purchase a pair of non Prescription Computer Glasses.
  • cristoph


    Sweetie, I think you may need to buy a pair of Computer Glasses. You can have your eyesight checked in the morning because the result will be more accurate if we have our eyesight checked in the morning. Then you can buy a pair of Computer Glasses according to your prescription. Computer glasses are designed to block computer reflections and filter glare for our eyes. You will suffer from less eye fatigue then you can read for a long time. But I still suggest you to blink your eyes intently during your reading. This can help lubricate your eyes. Or you can apply some artificial tears to lubricate your eyes as well. And you also need to take a break every half an hour. You can look at the distance for a few minutes or do some eye exercise. This is good for your eyes. Hope this is useful to you.
  • chronojwl


    I think any prescription glasses will impair the vision of those who do not need to wear them. The people who have presbyopia need a pair of Reading glasses. presbyopia often happens among senior citizens. It is a kind of vision problem and it is totally different from myopia. So you can't wear reading glasses unless you have presbyopia or reading glasses will do harm to your eyes. You can have your eyesight checked to see whether you have some vision problems or not. If you have, you can buy a pair of prescription glasses that can help correct your vision problems immediately. Hope this helped!
  • walkerpaul


    You may need a pair of computer glasses other than a pair of reading glasses. Computer glasses are different from reading glasses. Usually Computer screens are positioned 20 to 26 inches from the our eyes, but farther away than reading vision. Computer glasses can optimize our eyesight when viewing our computer screen. Computer glasses are designed to relieve computer vision syndrome (CVS). CVS may include eye strain, blurred vision, red eyes and other symptoms. The people who are under age 40 may need computer glasses and the people who are over age 40 may need computer glasses too. I suggest you to have a comprehensive eye exam to rule out your vision problems first.