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Ryan evelyn

Who can tell me how much do burberry sunglasses cost ?

Is there anyone bought burberry sunglasses? How much should i take if i want to buy burberry sunglasses ? Thanks.
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Answers (2)

  • christian

    I have bought the burberry sunglasses online three months ago, paying for $200. The price online is relatively lower than those in the franchise stores. And they are also the real ones. You can go to the and other big online stores to have a look.The common types' price may be around $200.
  • Mii

    If you don’t wanna get fake one, just login its official website or go to the authorized local store. The prices on official website are around 200 dollars. As for local store, it depends on different country or regional taxes. Burberry always keeps its elegant and classical style. Good choice!

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